Dancestreams Youth Dance Company
Youth dance at its best
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Dancestreams Youth Dance Company

is sponsored & supported by the

Vancouver Island Youth Dance Theatre Association,

a registered charity. 


Mission Statement

                                                                 Vancouver Island Youth Dance Theatre Association

                                              A non-profit society, dedicated to bringing together dancers from diverse

                                              backgrounds, to bridge the gap between amateur and professional, while

                                              gaining exposure to professional choreographers and their works, as well            

                                               as sharing the opportunity to work with others who experience the same

                                               passion for the art form of dance.   These dancers become role models,

                                            demonstrating through the joy of dance, that dedication can bring a sense

                                                                                             of accomplishment.

                                                                                               Supporting Documents

Province of British Columbia

Certificate of Incorporation # S-21225


Affiliation # 848306 Business Account # 88793 2846 RR0001

V.I.Y.D.T.A. Board of Directors 2019- 2020

President ~ Terra Lawson
Vice- President ~ Deanna Goundan
Secretary ~ Suzanne Bennie-Haynes
Treasurer ~ Meghan Mason

Parent Rep - Kaitlin Darwin

Member at Large - Carla Gouthro

Member at Large - Heather Aucoin

Member at Large - Dawn Briscoe